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Ready to give a truly thoughtful gift for mom? The best gift you can give your mom doesn’t come in a brown box with blue tape on it, it comes from your heart. Why not give your mom something that has the power to change her life? If you could, wouldn’t you want to give her something that sparks a passion and interest that she has long since forgotten? Something more than just another book on her shelf, another movie to watch, or more magnets for her fridge. I’m sure she loves the pictures of your kids that you send her every year, but you can give her a gift that is far more meaningful to her. Give her the gift of her dream!  

Truly Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

  Here’s the part where most other bloggers and websites would start spouting off a list of random things you could buy that may make your mom smile, but that she’ll probably forget after a week or so. You want to do better than that – you want to give her a gift that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Now, in order to do that, the gift really does have to come from you. This has to be YOUR idea and YOUR thoughtfulness that gives mom the gift, not mine. However, I can walk you through the process so you can find the perfect gift just for your mom.  

1. What dreams does (or did) your mom have for herself?

  This one might take a bit of prompting, but even if you’re trying to find something last minute, you can still find it in time (don’t worry). So take a moment to call your mom, or maybe text your dad, and ask about your mom.
  • What dreams does she have for her life?
  • Can you identify something she would like to do before her next major birthday (50th, 65th, etc).
  • What things are on her bucketlist?
  • Name something she has always wanted to do, but just hasn’t yet?
Your mom did so many things for you and sacrificed so much so that you could have the life that you do know. Chances are she had to give up some of her personal dreams in order to help you reach yours. And she is grateful to do it. Your task is to see if you can catch a glimpse of what that dream is.
  • Does she love a good challenge? Maybe she’s always wanted to climb on of the tallest mountains in the world?
  • Is she adventurous? Does she want to travel somewhere?
  • Maybe she loves learning? Would she like to return to school, learn a language, or maybe even learn coding?
  • Does she love to write and want to publish a book?
  • Perhaps she wants to volunteer abroad?
  • Maybe she’s always wanted to feel like she’s making a huge difference in some impoverished country?
To sum up, step 1 is just to find out what your mom’s dream is that she hasn’t done yet for whatever reason. I mean, really, wouldn’t you want to give the kind of gift Sian-Pierre Regis gave his mother Rebecca? (see video below).

2. What Can you Do to “Give” Her Dream?

  Now, you may not be able to go on a trip around the world with your mom, but what’s the next best thing? The idea here is that you get the ball rolling. Get the movement started in the direction it needs to go for her to accomplish her dream.  

Thoughtful Gifts To Wrap and Place Under the Tree

    What are some ideas of thoughtful things you can get your mom that can actually be placed under the tree, but will still give her her dream? Here are 12 ideas to get you started. 
1. Does mom want to learn something musical? Why not buy a microphone from the dollar store and wrap it up with her login information for her online course to learn how to sing like she’s always wanted, or finally learn to master the piano.
2. She wants to travel, but you can’t front the cost of a flight? A cheap version would be to purchase her a subscription to Scott’s Cheap Flights so she can get an email when flight prices are cheap and she can get a good deal on a flight to her dream location.
3. Maybe she wants to run a marathon, hike a mountain? Buy her a pair of good running shoes or hiking shoes. She’s going to need them to get started training, so why not get her started by getting her an excellent pair that she’ll love?
4. Has mom always wanted to be bilingual? Now’s her chance to learn. Get her started (and save yourself money) with a 20% off code (LingoExperience20) to the software program that’s better than Rosetta Stone.
5. She prepared food for you for so long, maybe now is the time to return the favor and sign her up for a food delivery box. Get her an awesome snack box. 
6. Perhaps your mom would really enjoy a day at the spa. I mean, when was the last time she really let herself relax and did something just for herself? Find a local spa and treat her to a day there.
7. Maybe mom has always wanted to figure out a camera so she can take better pictures of her kids and grandkids. Why not sign her up for a photography course to get her started?
8. Does mom want to pick up a new hobby? Does she want to try candle making so she can create and design her own candles for decorating her house? Get her started with a candle making course.
9. Still not sure which one she’ll love? The least you can do is customize a gift basket for her according to the things she loves. Personalize a basket just for her.
Go on, get your mamma something she’ll love and remember for years to come! And remember, whatever you do, be sure to leave a note/card encouraging her to go for her dreams and letting her know that you support her.   Happy Holidays!

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