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Do you feel the sparkle, glitter, or fire within you?

Once upon a time . . . 

There was a busy woman who did so much good in loving (and raising?) her husband as well as her beautiful children.

This lovely woman loved her children through all of the challenges, dirty dishes, spills, messes, and even piles of laundry.

But with all this giving this beautiful woman did, she somehow lost that fire within her that made her excited to get up each new day.

It wasn’t glaringly obvious, but one day she realized she felt a bit empty inside like the monotony had left her ragged and lost inside. . . .

Listen to the audio file below to learn the French technique this woman learned to feel alive again.

Main Concepts:

  • Prendre ta place is the French expression that articulates so much more than the literal English translation (“take your place”).
  • In American culture, that is quite derogattory, but the French expression is more one of encouragement to go out and take the place or do the work that only you can do.
  • “Your Place” is your talents and passions that make up your purpose.
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