Giving gifts to your loved ones needs to be more specific than just “gifts for her” or “gifts for him”. Each person on your list is unique and different and you want to give them a gift that really says “I am thinking about you and I care about you.

These 12 Gift Ideas Lists are separated by interests instead of just age and gender groups. Feel free to scroll through them all or just click on the one that is most relevant to you.


So, what are you looking for right now?

The holiday season can get busy, but I don’t need to tell you that. These upcoming holidays can be a truly magical time of year, but you have to make a bit of time so that it can be.

Personally, I’m super excited about a nice horseback ride with my husband and brothers. 🙂 What about you? What are you looking forward to this holiday season?


Now, you may be asking what a language learning blogger is doing writing about gift ideas that aren’t necessarily related to learning a language (although some ideas are). It’s because the idea behind learning a language is to do something you love, that invigorates you, and that helps you achieve your dreams.

I totally understand that learning another language may not be on everyone’s bucketlist, but I still do want to encourage you – and your loved ones – to find something that ignites a spark within you, helps you connect with others, and allows you to help others along the way. Just as language learning has done for me.

However, if that’s not quite enough for you, how’s this? I am running a campaign starting now and lasting until the end of the year. The entire purpose of the campaign is to give to those who may not be able to find their dreams because of a state of chronic illness, poverty, or lack of education. SO, I want to help them achieve their dreams too. And here’s how I plan to do it:

50% of all income
 (not profits) I receive from The Lingo Experience from now through December 23 will be donated to a quality charity. Charities like the Make a Wish FoundationAction Against Hunger, or Period.


This post contains affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, a portion of the sale supports this website and the above-listed charities. For each purchase you make through one of the links below 0.5% – 10% of the sales price will go toward the charities above. (As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a commission off of qualifying purchases). Thank you for your support.


*If you’d really like donations to go to your favorite charity – please leave a comment below and I’ll do the best I can. As an individual who studied Non-Profit organizations in college, I will do my best to ensure these donations go to quality organizations.


Included below are some links to gift-giving guides that will not only help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones, but also allow a percentage of the sale to go to charity. I know you can’t think of everyone this Christmas, so if these just aren’t helpful to you, would you consider passing this on to a friend?


Prices range from $11 up to $300. Courses and lessons will, of course, be more expensive. However, you’ll likely find the perfect gift within your price range below.


1. Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Inspiring Her Dreams


We’re big on reading your dreams here, so maybe it’s time to tell your special lady it’s time to reach for hers? Do you want to give that special woman in your life a gift that will allow her to go for her dreams? What does she want to accomplish in her life? What’s on her bucketlist of things to do before she hits a major age marker?

1. Does your special woman want to learn something musical? Why not buy a microphone from the dollar store and wrap it up with her login information for her online course to learn how to sing like she’s always wanted, or finally learn to master the piano.
2. She wants to travel, but you can’t front the cost of a flight? A cheap version would be to purchase her a subscription to Scott’s Cheap Flights so she can get an email when flight prices are cheap and she can get a good deal on a flight to her dream location.
3. Maybe she wants to run a marathon, hike a mountain? Buy her a pair of good running shoes or hiking shoes. She’s going to need them to get started training, so why not get her started by getting her an excellent pair that she’ll love?
4. Has mom always wanted to be bilingual? Now’s her chance to learn. Get her started (and save yourself money) with a 20% off code (LingoExperience20) to the software program that’s better than Rosetta Stone.
5. Perhaps she just wants a break from preparing snacks and food for everybody? So now it’s time for you to return the favor and sign her up for a food delivery box. Get her an awesome snack box.
6. Perhaps your lady would really enjoy a day at the spa. I mean, when was the last time she really let herself relax and did something just for herself? Find a local spa and treat her to a day there.
7. Has your special lady  always wanted to figure out a camera so she can take better pictures of her kids and grandkids. Why not sign her up for a photography course to get her started?
8. Or is she looking to pick up a new hobby? Does she want to try candle making so she can create and design her own candles for decorating her house? Get her started with a candle making course.
9. Still not sure which one she’ll love? The least you can do is customize a gift basket for her according to the things she loves. Personalize a basket just for her.

2. Best Gift Ideas for Language Learners


Just because your language learning resources can’t be purchased off Amazon doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! Here are some snazzy deals coming up for language learners.

1. Love to learn with videos and music? Access FluentU’s personalized YouTube-style learning program complete with short videos in your prefered language.

2. Start learning Spanish or begin mastering French with one of the top-rated online programs that people just love. Even their emails are a gold-mine of information. From noon (PST) 12/17 to noon (PST) 12/21 you can get 60% off with the code XMAS60. Enjoy!

3. Love the simplified Audio courses? Pimsleur Languages are a great option for getting started with audio. The curriculum is perfect for people who love listening to audiobooks or podcasts sometime in the day. Up to 50% off today!

4. Learning French specifically? The best French Audio Course out there is by French Today. 20% off through December 18th (HURRY!!).

5. Simplified and understandable French grammar, or help mastering Spanish grammar. No need to be confused by it all, get a good deal on understanding the grammar for your language.
6. Is your loved one ready to actually start practicing their language with someone? The best site for practicing is iTalki. Not only can you buy them lessons online, but you can also get a $10 gift from me.

3. Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner


Buying a house for the first time can be a very exciting venture for anyone, why not celebrate their new sense of being “grown-up” by giving a practical, yet thoughtful gift.

1. Anyone else’s parents print their addresses on labels or had really boring address stamps (either for home or work)? Boring no more, these customizable Simply Stamps will be the cutest thing on the entire envelope.
2. So they have a house, chances are the landscaping doesn’t come with it, so why not give them a jump start by gifting them the Step by Step Landscaping guide? On the other hand, you could also give them a consultation with a professional.
3. Gone are the days when you’d worry if buying someone a vacuum would offend them. Nope, this little vacuum will offend no-one and will keep their home clean easily. Yes, the eufy IQ RoboVac will get the job done quietly and effectively.
4. Ready to give the gift that will keep on giving? The Nest Learning Thermostat will help your loved ones warm or cool their home to the perfect temperature AND save on utilities. They’ll thank you!
5. Give the gift of security with the Ring Video Doorbell. Everytime it senses motion or is rung, your loved ones will be able to see video and communicate via 2-way talk with visitors.
6. Moving can be a very stressful time, why not give them a gift card to a local restaurant, activity, or even a grocery store? They’ll definitely be grateful they don’t have to prepare dinner on their first night home.

4. Gift Ideas from the Past


These gifts are about the memories, reminders from the past with excellent updates provided by the present technology. 

1. This vintage Crosley Turntable not only plays vinyl records, but is also USB and Bluetooth capable so you can listen to your favorite tunes any way you want. Plus, it will look just fantastic sitting just about anywhere.
2. Perfectly toast your bread with ease while still taking less space on your counter and keeping your appliances beautiful. This 2-slice Retro Toaster by Keemo is sure to have you reminiscing about the good ol’ days.
3. Chances are you haven’t seen these in a while. However, just because you can’t take your car to one, doesn’t mean you can’t remember them. This Vintage Gas Station Filling Pump will make a fantastic addition to a trip down memory lane.

5. Gift Ideas for the Loving Pet Owner


Know someone who is just obsessed with their animals? Why not get them something that shows that? And no, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just for their pet either. 

1. This classy and beautifully hand carved figurine of the Angel of Friendship by Willow Tree is sure to please. These figurines are wonderfully crafted and excellent displays of the love and friendship between humans and their pets. The angel With Affection portrays a cat instead of a dog.
2. For the one who loves their animals and also loves to bake. These silicone Dog Paw and Bone molds are perfect for making any kind of treat (for pet or owner). Not a baker? Simply freeze water for pet-themed ice cubes during the summer.
3. These cute and neat cotton dish towels might get your animal lover giddy with excitement to display them in her (or his) kitchen. These Pet Lover Dish Towels are sure to bring a smile to the face of your pet loving family member or friend.
4. Tired of hearing them complain about how often people complain about their pets? Give them this Pet Owner Home Rules sign to forewarn non-owners of the expectations to have when entering their home.
5. No matter how true this may be for the pet lover in your life, this Dogs Welcome People Tolerated sign is sure to give your loved one a good chuckle – perhaps even a good laugh – and hopefully not an ear-full of a soap box.
6. Who doesn’t love to sit and cuddle with their beloved pets? So why not get them something warm and comfortable to cuddle in during those cold nights? These TeeStars Hoodies are sure to do the trick.
7. Got a jewelry lover on your hands? This Handmade Pet Friendship Leather Gift is sure to please. It’s pretty, accurate, and and shows the affection for their pets.
8. This 2019 Calendar is sure to keep them laughing and chuckling every day of the new year. Texts from Mittens, and the Texts from Dog calendars imagine what texts our beloved pets would send us.
9. With a large variety to choose from, you’re sure to find a salt and pepper shaker holder that matches the personality of your loved one perfectly, from pigs to bears, to dolphins and giraffes, these Decorative Pet Statues are awesome.

6. Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers


Some people just love their devices and can’t get enough of their gadgets and gizmos. Why not give them something they’ll get truly excited about? 

1. The Echo Dot is one of the top-selling gadgets for technology and electronic lovers. It’s one of the coolest voice-controlled speakers on the market and is great for playing music, making phone calls, and connect to other smart home devices.
2. Want something newer and cooler than what everyone else has? The 2nd Gen Echo Show can show lyrics, watch TV and sports, show weather forecasts, add to a shopping list, or show recipe videos. It’s like a 10″ sidekick.
3. We weren’t quite sure whether to list this under a list for “fixers” or leave it here. It’s kinda both. The Horudsy Magnetic Wristband will help your loved one keep track of screws, nuts, and bolts as they’re fixing things inside and out.
4. The Tile Mate is a useful little gift that is the key to winning the lost-and-found game. It’s like the Rememberall from Harry Potter, except it helps you find exactly where the keys, or phone were left.
5. Who says carrying around charging cables has to be an eyesore? This leather tassel keychain charger is a pleaser. Useful and stylish at the same time!
6. This gadget is perfect for photographers. It easily takes 360 degree footage via high-quality camera. The Samsung Gear 360 is a sweet gadget. Only downside is it’s only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy.
7. Tired of having massive WiFi extenders around the house? The pocket-sized eero Home WiFi System keeps the WiFi extenders small enough and convenient enough to just plug into an outlet on the wall and then forget about.
8. Maybe your tech lover travels a lot or just hates just using thumbs to text? The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is small enough to fit in your hand, but still smart enough to work with an iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.
9. This charging station holder can hold multiple devices for charging at the same time. The Apple Watch Stand keeps things clean, neat, and ready to be charged in a quality way.

7. Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Not sure what gifts to give people who just love to be outdoors? Whether it’s hiking, biking, camping, or any array of other activities, it’s time to find them something they’ll love.

1. If you haven’t been camping before, a good sleeping pad is an absolute must. And no, those cheap ones from Wal-Mart are no good. The Klymit Static V Luxe (or any Klymit pad) will give the gift of a great night’s sleep while outdoors.
2. Anytime you venture outdoors, preparing sufficient water is a must. The Osprey Packs help your loved ones stay hydrated and ready for the adventure ahead.
3. The Etekcity Ultralight Portable Camping Stove is ideal for cooking outdoors. Not only that, but it’s an affordable gift that gets 4.5 stars on Amazon – let’s be honest, that doesn’t happen often.
4. No matter the adventure, chances are your loved ones get dirty or wet while they’re out. But who says they have to carry around bulky towels to clean up and dry off? The 9th Wave YuccaTowel is compact yet opens up to a full body size (or hand towel size).
5. It’s lightweight and it’s compact. However, it’s still durable. Honestly, the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock can’t be beat. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can chose the perfect color for the person you are gifting it to.
6. Whether dirt, grass, or sand, this Sun Nomad Ripstop Beach and Picnic Blanket is ready for any adventure you have for it. Plus it’s compact and lightweight and can go wherever the wind blows.
7. Do you worry for your outdoor enthusiast’s safety? This Survival Gear Kits 13-in-1 is the perfect tool kit to keep them safe. Even if they just leave it in their car or tent, this is bound to give them a solution they can use in many emergency situations.
8. Carabiners aren’t just for rock climbers, not at all. In fact, carabiners like the Favofit Heavy Duty Aluminum Carabiners are a fantastic addition to any person who loves to be outside.
9. Still not quite sure what to get? Why not just get them a good Dakine Tie Down Strap so they can take their favorite equipment with them, wherever they go and whatever it may be.

8. Gift Ideas for Fashionistas and Cosmetic Lovers


  What are some ideas of thoughtful things you can get your mom that can actually be placed under the tree, but will still give her her dream?

Here are 12 ideas to get you started. 

1. With some of the latest in women’s fashion, and super comfy sweaters for those nights when you just want to sit and cuddle under a blanket, Cents of Style has gorgeous clothing, jewelry, and even cosmetics to bring a smile onto her face.
2. Did you know you can get fashion, accessory, and beauty supplies in a subscription box? OuiPlease for Women and OuiPlease for Men brings quality products from France right to your doorstep.
3. If she loves it so much, maybe it’s time to encourage her to do something about it? Why not get them started creating their own fashion designs? These books are perfect for the beginner.
4. Watches aren’t just for men, maybe it’s time for a fashionable accessory for her wrist. This Anne Klein Crystal Set is sure to please her and go great with any outfit.
5. Regardless of whether she’s adjusting to not using a diaper bag everywhere she goes, this gorgeous Milisente Women’s Flower Clutch is sure to have her itching for a fun date night.
6. If you didn’t know already, giving someone the gift of elusive “youthfulness” turns you into a rock-star. La Roche-Posay Creme Cleanser cleanses and smooths skin for a more youthful look.
*Please note that not all skin care products are perfect for everyone. Please read the description carefully before purchasing.
7. Homeostick by Boiron is a soothing and nourishing lip balm made from the Homeoplasmine formula used by French makeup artists for the smoothest makeup look.
8. This critically acclaimed Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream moisturizer has been nicknamed the “baby smooth” cream. And for obvious reasons too.
9. Of course, we can’t quite skip the glitter here. Keep it classy but sparkly with the Glitter Eyeshadow Palette for a little extra pizzaz on a special night – or just for fun.

9. Gift Ideas for Travelers


Your special travel friend needs a special gift for sure! With their love for exploring the great wide wonders of the world, you best give them something that shows your excitement and support for the life they love.


1. Why make them resign themselves to bulky hotel towels? There’s a much better option for the traveler in your live.  The 9th Wave YuccaTowel is compact yet opens up to a full body size (or hand towel size).
2. Give the gift of saving hundreds of dollars each time they travel. Get an affordable subscription to Scott’s Cheap Flights so they can get an email when flight prices are cheap and can get a good deal on a flight to the next location.
3. One must-have for every traveler is a waterproof dry bag. Whether for carrying things to stay dry when out in the water, or for carrying last-minute wet things when packing up, the Waterproof Dry Bag comes in a variety of sizes and is a perfect gift.
4. Don’t let your loved ones get stuck with dead electronics. Whether it’s their phone, camera, or tablet, the durable Hilucky Solar Charger will keep their devices alive and ready to capture moments.
5. If they don’t have one yet, a travel adapter is a must have for charging devices in multiple countries. The OREI Worldwide Universal Power Converter converts to all sorts of different prongs from around the world.
6. For someone who travels regularly, these Eagle Creek Cubes will help make packing a cinch.  They are durable, water resistant, and help keep luggage organized and easy to maximize the space in each suitcase.
7. Space is the name of the game for a traveler. And the Hydaway Collapsible Travel Water Bottle is water tight and collapses to the size of a pancake to fit perfectly into any small space. Perfect for traveling (or busy moms, or even fitness lovers).
8. Do you know the next place your loved one has always wanted to go? Buy them the best travel guide in the business (that also comes downloadable on the app). Rick Steves’ guides will give the best tips and tricks for visiting any country.
9. One of the best gifts you could give your loved one is the gift of the unexpected. the 75 cards in the Anywhere Travel Guide can help your loved one find the joys of the unexpected journey. Discover the new and unexpected!

10. Gift Ideas for Children


Looking for something to get a child that isn’t a toy that will take up space in a room? Here’s a list of some items that make excellent gifts for kids and won’t add to their tantrums or “ADHD”. Not to say that toys can’t make great gifts, but what children really want is quality time with you.

So whatever you get them, make sure it involves some personal time with you.

1. Unfortunately, I can’t link to something specific for you, but get 2 tickets to a local event and take your child out to something they’ve been dying to do. You’re gifting them an experience they’ll remember as well as the gift of your time. Your child will love it.
2. A magazine subscription can be an exciting gift if you pick the right magazine. Kids get really excited about getting mail, so this will be the gift that keeps on giving. Ranger Rick and National Geographic are nature focused, while Highlights and the Bug Series focus on age-appropriate fun.
-13. These translucent toys are just fun for little (or big) builders. How many different shapes and structures can you make with these? The options are truly endless with 100-piece Magna-Tiles. They’re fun for adults and kids, and they encourage creative play. What’s not to love?
4. Water Beads are perhaps the coolest thing for sensory experience. They fully expand when placed in water and you can use them in the bathtub, to encourage help when washing dishes or even in a sensory bin.
5. If you want your little ones to have an interest in playing a musical instrument when they are older, this kit of 15 Toddler Musical Instruments will be the key to your success. Hey, even the older kids can get behind a good beat.
6. The key to getting a good toy for a child is one that can be used in more than one way. A multi-purpose toy that can encourage creativity. If your child is a girl, then a play baby doll is a staple in their life.
7. In case you didn’t know, pretty much every kid likes to build forts. Whether their fort takes form as a castle, cave, or house, Fort Building and Construction Toys are a great way to spark imagination and get involved with kids.
8. If you have a boy, chances are he loves something with wheels. Start off with a basic set of Matchbox cars. Then allow his imagination to grow buy using Black Road Tape to take his vehicles anywhere.
9. A cash register is another one of those staple items that kids just love. Kids can find ways to spend hours and hours just buying and selling things. The Funerica Durable Cash Register is extra fun with the scanner and microphone.

11. Gifts for Music Lovers


  What are some ideas of thoughtful things you can get your mom that can actually be placed under the tree, but will still give her her dream?

Here are 12 ideas to get you started. 

1. Simplify the music making process with a Song Writer’s Composing Template Stencil. It helps them compose their music and look professional without giving them a hand cramp or perfectionist complex.
2. Squint really closely at that image. Any idea what that is? That, my friends, is the Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit. How cool is that? It comes with it’s own music box to play it in too. Or you can get the full music box.
3. Ready for an excellent game night among music lovers – or even your family? The Encore Game challenges your recollection of song lyrics based on a specific set of “keywords.” The team that sings the most songs with the keywords in them wins.
4. This light-weight tee is sure to bring either a laugh, or a rant, so be careful when you gift it. This Is A Sharp Not A Hashtag T-Shirts come in men’s or women’s sizes as well as a small assortment of colors. It also comes in mug form if you like.
5. Never let your music-loving, guitar-playing friend go without a pick again. The DIY Guitar Pick Punch starts them off with 15 strips which can make up to 100 picks. Plus, they can punch a pick out of any sort of card (gift car, old drivers license, etc) for more creative fun.
6. Does your music lover want to write their own songs? The Chord Wheel will help them grasp harmony and song writing in a new light and compose songs more quickly than ever before. Be careful though, this is not for new beginners to music theory.
7. Get a laugh with this cleaver cutting board. It’s a wonderful match of music and cooking humour to help brighten a kitchen. The ‘Chopin Bored’ Chopping Board is a fun, wooden cutting board sure to bring giggles.
8. Decorative, designed leggings have been all the rage recently (for women anyway). Get her a gift she can comfortably wear around and love. The InterestPrint Custom Leggings are sure to please with this musical design or your choice from a variety of designs.
9. They’re sticky notes, just shaped like musical notes. The Sheet Music Themed Sticky Notes Booklet also makes a great addition for music composers in your life. Instead of scratch-erase-scratch-erase, they can simply draft in some new notes and stick it over the top. .

12. Gift Ideas for Minimalists


 Minimalists are people who tend to not place a high value on physical possessions. It makes for a clear and de-cluttered home, but it does make it awfully difficult for finding a good gift that won’t just be a nuisance to them. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Most of these purchases don’t qualify for our Give 50% promotion – simply because we don’t get any % of the purchase price. However, we’ll still love you anyway.

1. Minimalists tend to value meaningful relationships and experiences over things. So if you just can’t think of a “thing” to get them, why not donate to a cause in their name? Something like the Make a Wish Foundation, Period, or Action Against Hunger.
2. Give a gift of soothing relaxation with Amaki Herbal Bath Soaks. Nothing says, “hey, take some time to care for yourself among all the things you do in a day” like a good herbal bath soak. Some of the best bath soaks are on Etsy.
3. Look at your local gym, yoga studio, or pilates studio. Why not get her a membership to attend a place like this? If she has children, just make sure you have thought of 1-2 ideas for how to care for the children while she exercises. This way she’s sure to do it.
4. Chances are the minimalist in your life may already have some ideas for decluttering and simplifying, but if they love to read, why not give them the Kindle Version of Simplify?
5. Find a museum near them and gift them a membership there. Find a list of art and history museums at NARMA group of museums across the country so even those who move frequently can have somewhere to go.
6. If she enjoys good clothes, jewelry, and beauty products in moderation. Get her a subscription to CauseBox. It comes 4 times a year (once per season) with products from socially-conscious brands. They also give back with each subscription.
Go on and get your loved one a gift they will remember and love for years to come. Leave a comment below if you still need help, or if you have a specific charity you want to donate to. I’d love to check it out.


Happy Holidays!

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