One HUGE weakness I found in my French learning courses was that I did not spend enough time learning the alphabet! WHAT? I know, I know! Not too glamorous, right?! If you have already begun your French learning journey, you have likely skimmed over this with relative ease.

So why does it matter?!

Just think, how often do you have so spell things out, even in English? If you are like me, probably every day! Even if it is just spelling my name, I often have to spell things out every single day.

If you do not properly learn the alphabet in French, you will have difficulty spelling the names of people in France, understanding the names of streets or cities when they are spelled to you. You WILL HAVE DIFFICULTY understanding spelling corrections from tutors or others who are trying to help you out.

Nothing like a person who doesn’t even know how to spell out loud to send off a BIG, BRIGHT FLAG that you are a beginning learner!

Your speech means little if you can’t form and spell the basics of words.

So do yourself a HUGE favor and spend some time truly learning the French alphabet!

Start mastering your French alphabet pronunciation by checking out the video below.

Happy learning!

**DISCLAIMERS: This post may contain links to affiliate content. Please note that I always recommend products that are in your best interest and not mine. Please also know that I am not a native French speaker and my pronunciation is not perfect, however, I can definitely help you improve your pronunciation and get to a point where you can converse with native speakers and they can fine-tune your pronunciation.

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