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Aujourd’hui nous allons parler des nourriture. I hope you enjoy this more visual guide! Let’s get started. When you learn the French language, whether you plan to visit France or not, knowing about food is vital to learning the language. The French are all about food and it shows in their language. Some of their most common terms of endearment (a nickname you call a loved one) are related to food: mon chou, mon petit chou, mon canard, mon lapin, mon poussin. 

Other phrases, like: Tomber dans les pommes (to faint), and une bonne poire (a naive person) are also related to food. So lets learn! (Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to learn how YOU can use all these words in sentences and begin communicating in French TODAY).

If you prefer reading, please continue below. Don’t forget to scroll all the way down for an example of how YOU can use all you have learned to start speaking in sentences NOW.

1. Fruits

You should know that in France, they can buy their produce at a supermarket, but more often than not, they will purchase their produce at a local market when it is in season. Les pommes, les poires, and les oranges are the most popular fruits in France, but many other fruits are enjoyed there as well. Can you name the fruits you eat (in French, of course)?

2. Vegetables

Les légumes are used far more in cooking in France than they are here in America. I don’t mean just potatoes and carrots either. The French are notorious for their amazing cooking and they use a lot of these delicious vegetables in their meals.

3. Meats

As a general rule, la viande also has a larger variety of use in France than in America. I’m not saying that American’s don’t eat a large variety of meat, but usually it’s beef, chicken, and pork (and sometimes fish). The French eat duck, lamb, and snails as well (although, the last is a delicacy). Can you name all the meats you eat?

4. Desserts

YUM! French desserts are so delicious. If you haven’t yet tried any, these are definitely worth your time and attention. Honestly, if you love your treats, you may want to plan a trip to France just to try the desserts! Too expensive? Yeah, I agree. But, you can still try DELICIOUS French macarons from the comfort of your own home. Who wouldn’t want to leave your senses “quivering with pleasure” when you replace your regular potato chips with these delicacies? What French adjectives do you know to describe all these scrumptious treats?

Let’s practice using all of this together, shall we?

Par example: Aujourd’hui, j’achète les fruit et les légumes au marché. J’ai besoins de trois kilos de pommes, deux kilos de carottes, et un kilo de poireaux. J’achéte aussi trois kilos de canard et une tarte aux pommes. 

Practice using sentences to talk about all the food you eat and buy. For a  real-life example of conversation, watch this video about breakfast in France. Don’t stress about understanding everything they say. Listen for words you recognize and try to understand the overall idea of the video. That, my friends, is success! Make realistic expectations and you will find continued motivation on your language learning journey!

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