What is Fluenz really like to learn from? Get 20% off your purchase with the code: LingoExperience20. Not sure it’s for you? Read on to find out. What resource is best for you?

Looking for the language learning software that would be best for you?

If you don’t know, I’ve organized the language learning options into groups:

1. software (like Rosetta Stone)

2. audio (courses or podcasts)

3. live (either in-country or with a tutor online)

4. textbook (the traditional method)

This post is all about opening up the software programs for a true look and review to see if they are really worth the cost. Let’s start off with a look inside Fluenz’ online program.

Key points from the video Fluenz Review:


  • Fluenz is organized very well for people who are learning for travel. The topics are applicable and relevant for your upcoming vacation.
  • I LOVE that Fluenz uses sentence mining to teach the language – starting with the relevant conversation and then breaking it up into the relevant vocabulary.
  • The video guide helps make the lessons feel more personal and less robotic, plus her tips and advice (in English) help you understand tricky grammar points.
  • I didn’t like that the written portion will not let you advance until you spell the word correctly (including with appropriate vowel accents) and the program won’t give you hints if you are stuck.
  • However, I did like that you can skip the writing portions of each lesson if you don’t find it beneficial for your learning. Try Fluenz out.

What else does Fluenz have to offer in their program? Or what if you’re learning from the app? Good news, Fluenz does indeed have an app. But how does it add up? Let’s take a look:


Key Points about extras and the app:



  • Fluenz extras include online flashcards – which I personally don’t find useful, but you might.
  • Access to the Fluenz online “community”, which is really more of a forum that I personally wouldn’t use, but you might.
  • The app is awesome because it includes all the videos and materials from the online lessons, but are easily accessible from your phone. I love that you can choose to either learn online when you have access (via data or WIFI), or you can download lessons if you know you won’t be able to access the internet. Talk about a great use of your 15-minute potty break or time spent waiting for something. Start learning with Fluenz.
  • My FAVORITE extras are the downloadable pronunciation guide and listening comprehension audio files. (video below).



Key points from the final video in the Fluenz Review series:




  • I love the extra pronunciation and listening comprehension guides. They are vital for improving your pronunciation and learning to hear French.
  • Unfortunately, these extras can only be accessed from online as you will need to open the ZIP files with a computer.
  • The podcast-style listening comprehension is slow enough that beginners can feel they understand at least some of the conversation and prepare for their trip. The conversation is slow for more advanced learners, and is not native speed, however, it is still beneficial.


Overall, Fluenz gets 4.5/5 stars for their program. It is best used for learners who want to learn the language for travel, but the writing activities are too strict and too repetitive for new learners.

Hopefully this has been helpful mes amis! If you would like me to review anything else for you before you buy it, let me know in the comments.


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