Avoir is a top 5 verb in French. You will need to know this verb like the palm of your hand. No, better than you know your own palm. You must learn this verb by heart! Like faire, you need to learn it because you will need to be able to use it with a large variety of other words to create a large variety of idiomatic expressions (more of that below), or the verb tense passé composé. Avoir is also an irregular verb, so let’s start with the conjugations:

Elle a du chocolat.Vous avez trois maisons.
Elles ont le clé de ma voiture.Tu as la photo.
J'ai deux yeux.Nous avons un enfant.
Il a les cheveux bruns.Ils ont quatre tables.


**Why are the verb conjugations not in the typical order?

  • Simply because you need to get used to not always talking about “Je” first. Real life, and real language doesn’t come in a pretty, orderly box. You need to learn to practice using the verbs in a different order. You also need to learn to use them in complete sentences.

Again, you must learn this conjugation because you will need it to form passé composé. You will also need it for a variety of idiomatic expressions. Here are some of those expressions that require “avoir”:


Avoir faimto be hungry
Avoir soifto be thirsty
Avoir sommeilto be sleepy
Avoir de la chanceto have luck
Avoir chaudto be hot
Avoir froidto be cold
Avoir malto be in pain
Avoir tortto be wrong
Avoir raisonto be right
Avoir du retardto be late
Avoir peur deto be scared of
Avoir confiance ento have trust or faith in
Avoir honteto be ashamed
Avoir horreur deto hate
Avoir envie (de)to feel like
Avoir besoin (de)to need
Avoir # ansto be # years old
Avoir l'air deto seem, to look like
Avoir l'intention deto intend to
Avoir l'habitude deto have the habit of
How many of these can you use today?

Happy learning!

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